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Since 2013, IBI has launched a platform to empower talents to learn by technology and through technology. IBI runs the blended e-Learning system that fosters talents with English language and the right type of business skills for their career development.

As educators, the team understand that while our blended e-Learning will transform the way adults learn a new language or acquire a business skill in the near future, is only part of the solution for our children, who need curriculum and learning to be designed in the way that social and emotional development is properly integrated into, to ensure their English skills are trained and their social skills are improved.

Secondly, the question has been bothered us is finding a solution to decrease learning gap in the classroom for our children: how IBI can create an environment in which all students are well supported and have chances to build confidence in reaching academic achievements?

Consequently, the founders determined to build an academic model based on the "flipped classroom" methodology but incorporating the innovation that helps children learn English as a second language in the same manor that they learn their native language, and at the same time acquire the skills they need for the 21st century. This academic model is called "IBI Flipped Classroom".

IBI School was established with the desire to transfer IBI Flipped Classroom and IBI operating system to our franchise partners who share a similar aim of transforming educational experiences for our children. Using IBI’s technology platform to optimize their processes and creating their own emotional well-being, and personalized learning environments.


Bill Gates
"This may be the biggest untold story of education technology: When used properly, technology can amplify the human element in education.” 

Bill Gates promoted the idea of the ‘flipped classroom" at the ACCT Leadership Congress



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