Studies show that outdoor learning delivers many benefits -- reducing stress, improving moods, boosting concentration, and increasing a student's engagement at school.

IBI outdoor learning program (I-Innovation) for children and teenagers is integrated in the online English curriculum that helps students put what they have learnt into practice. 

  • Bring learning to life: By integrating I-Excursion into our curriculum, students not only collaborate in English online but also  in physical collaborative and innovation activities and innovation projects.

    I-Innovation offers a valuable experience for the children to draw on several different aspects of learning; it enables children and teenagers to respond to the diversities with the people they see and the different environment they are involved in. It is also essential for educators to guide their joy in being part of the world offered outside our doors. 

    Students are encouraged to become confident and involved learners by further developing their dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

  • Skill based learning: Students in the I-Innovation not only develop all their English skills effectively but also to be trained with the skills they need for innovation such as communication skill, problem solving skill, design thinking and creativity.




Personalized Learning Just Happens In a Proper Flipped Learning Framework

In order to support pathways, classroom instruction needs to focus on each learner and adapt according to their needs. By personalizing classroom instruction students will learn in ways that work for them, focusing on their skills and personal interests.