I-Kids(English for young learners)


I-Kids was designed in a very fun and interesting environment for children aged 6-12 to learn English. Classroom is well-equipped with our multi-media web-based learning system combined with text book to make it alive and encourage students to play, learn and create.

Our REAL teachers engage all learners in learning and learning activities. Combining psychology and education in teaching method, our teachers are the 'motivational pathways' to attract even the most troubled and reluctant students to learning. They know how to win the hearts and minds of students by first seeing them as worthy and capable human beings, then stimulating their interest through active learning, and finally, ensuring students receive the support needed to learn. 

With 'innovative expertise', our teachers challenge students to reach their full potential. IBI’s teachers with expertise in motivating students, helping them learn English as a second language in the same manor that they learn their native language. 

IBI makes a pleasant place for children to develop all skills of  English and facilitate their learning process besides developing the skills they need for 21st century for each of students.

Here is the course structure:

CEYL Courses Ages Teachers Duration
YLE Starters I-Kids I 6-8 100% Native teachers 16 weeks
I-Kids II 6-8 16 weeks
I-Kids III 6-8 16 weeks
I-Kids IV 6-8 16 weeks
YLE Movers I-Kids V 8-10 100% Native teachers 16 weeks
I-Kids VI 8-10 16 weeks
I-Kids VII 8-10 16 weeks
I-Kids VIII 8-10 16 weeks
YLE Flyers I-Kids IX 10-12 100% Native teachers 16 weeks
I-Kids X 10-12 16 weeks
I-Kids XI 10-12 16 weeks
I-Kids XII 10-12 16 weeks



Exciting Facts about Flipped Classroom

The following Infographic to identify some key issues related to the Flipped Classroom.