Pre-K English


Pre-K English | English for Preschoolers follows the guidelines provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage and conducted by 100% native teachers, which consists of three main areas of development:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Pre-K program focuses on language development, including reading readiness, and offers activities designed to refine gross motor and self-help skills. Activities are age-appropriate and include imaginative play, puzzles, construction, computer, writing centres and various opportunities to speak and to listen to simple stories. 

Each class has two qualified teachers, one whose mother tongue is English and the other who is bilingual. Through play and everyday activities, children learn English in a spontaneous way. The low student-teacher ratios ensure that each child is followed closely. Communication between teachers and parents is frequent facilitated by our course management system  "My Courses".


Learning pathway

                16 weeks
              16 weeks Pre-K9
            16 weeks Pre-K8 5-6 years old
          16 weeks Pre-K7 5-6 years old  
        16 weeks Pre-K6 5-6 years old    
      16 weeks Pre-K5 4-5 years old      
    16 weeks Pre-K4 4-5 years old        
  16 weeks Pre-K3 4-5 years old          
16 weeks Pre-K 2 3-4 years old            
Pre-K 1 3-4 years old              
3-4 years old                




How to Understand the Development of Your Kids' English Skills Properly?

As a parent it can be very difficult to know exactly how well your child is doing at school. If there’s a real problem with their progress then the teachers will let you know. Often, though, you are just told they are doing “fine” – but what does that really mean?