The flipped solution to online English training that transforms English learning experiences for children and teenagers 



Our online English courses are delivered in the way students learn and thrive 



What makes us different?

The flipped learning approach completely replaces classroom training

The real magic isn’t the technology itself, but the great merger of innovative pedagogy and advanced technology to create the personalized learning model that brings new possibilities for teachers, parents to engage with and motivate students. 

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Innovation skills are nurtured

Students in IBI Flipped Learning not only develop their English skills effectively but also are trained with the innovation skills needed to succeed in the 21st century such as problem solving, design thinking and creativity based on the projects implemented in our outdoor learning program.

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The culture of learning in a family is promoted

Parents can easily understand the children's progress and validate competencies by learning with them and independently accessing updates and report.

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Personalized Learning Just Happens In a Proper Flipped Learning Framework

In order to support pathways, classroom instruction needs to focus on each learner and adapt according to their needs. By personalizing classroom instruction students will learn in ways that work for them, focusing on their skills and personal interests.