Innovation skills are nurtured


Students in IBI Flipped Learning not only can develop all of their English skills effectively but also are trained with the innovation skills they need to succeed in the 21st century such as problem solving, design thinking and creativity based on the projects implemented in IBI outdoor learning program integrated in the curriculum.

Innovation skills are practically the types of skills that allow individuals to become innovative in what they do. These are usually a combination of cognitive skills (e.g. the ability to think creatively and critically), behavioural skills (e.g.. the ability to solve problems, to manage risk), functional skills (e.g.. basic skills such as writing, reading and numeracy) and technical skills (e.g.. research techniques, project management, or IT engineering).


IBI innovative kids



Personalized Learning Just Happens In a Proper Flipped Learning Framework

In order to support pathways, classroom instruction needs to focus on each learner and adapt according to their needs. By personalizing classroom instruction students will learn in ways that work for them, focusing on their skills and personal interests.