Operating System

IBI Operating System is an exclusive feature enable our partner companies to leverage the extensive control over their operations independently based on the high level of automation and the multi-portals function which includes: 


1. Enrollment and student management

  • eEnrollment
  • Student managment 


2. Academic and teacher management 

  • Teacher registration 
  • Teacher management 
  • eScheduling 
  • Class management 
  • eAssessment 
  • eBadges
  • eReport 


3. Customer care management

  • eAttendance 
  • eReminder 
  • eTracking 


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Personalized Learning Just Happens In a Proper Flipped Learning Framework

In order to support pathways, classroom instruction needs to focus on each learner and adapt according to their needs. By personalizing classroom instruction students will learn in ways that work for them, focusing on their skills and personal interests.