Student learning paths are personalized


Learning interactive lessons via IBI mobile and tablet learning at home gives each student a personalized playlist to help them track daily work. 

In IBI Flipped Classroom process, students write down questions about the content at home and are already prepared to ask these questions to their teachers in class. This resulted in decreasing learning gap among students that weaker students have chances to build their confidence in reaching academic achievements. So, equal learning opportunity in the classroom is promoted!

The teacher responds to questions while students defer directly to the teacher for guidance and feedback in class. By this process, teachers have ability to differentiate instruction to personalize learning, while students work on problems.

Additionally, our educators design shared, project-based experiences flexible enough to adapt to each student, based on his or her needs, interests, and approach to learning. 

Particularly, Independent Learning will be also nurtured through this model. Independent learning is considered as an important ability in the 21st century because it is the precedence to instill Lifelong Learning in students.



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