Teaching and learning, leveraged by high technology


The real magic isn’t the technology itself, but how our tools create new possibilities for teachers, parents to engage with and motivate students. 


Personalized based learning for each student

Students learn their interactive lessons via IBI mobile and tablet learning at home before their classes. In this process, students write down questions about the content and are already prepared to ask these questions to their teachers in class. This resulted in decreasing learning gap among students that weaker students have chances to build their confidence in reaching academic achievements. So, equal learning opportunity in the classroom is promoted!

The lessons are strutured scientifically based on the innovative combination between workbook method and repetition method to develop listening, pronunciation, reading, sentence struture, and writing skills. 




Provide meaningful, efficient feedback

Get student work delivered directly, validate competencies achieved within project-based learning, and provide feedback to students across academic and social-emotional learning.



Understand progress 

Track student learning progress, automatically incorporating data from blended learning and report.







Exciting Facts about Flipped Classroom

The following Infographic to identify some key issues related to the Flipped Classroom.