The academic model for English language training that enables children to reach their potential



The English courses are delivered in the way that students learn and thrive 



What make us different?

Teaching and learning, leveraged by technology

The real magic isn’t the technology itself, but how our tools create new possibilities for teachers, parents to engage with and motivate students. 

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Innovation skills are nurtured and developed

Students in the IBI Flipped Classroom not only develop all their English skills effectively but also are trained with the skills  they need for innovation such as problem solving skill, design thinking and creativity...based on the projects regularly implemented at IBI Innovation Hub.

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The culture of learning in a family is promoted

At IBI School, parents can easily access updates and report of their children easily via "My Courses" to validate competencies through meaningful, efficient feedback.


Exciting Facts about Flipped Classroom

The following Infographic to identify some key issues related to the Flipped Classroom.