The flipped solution to transforming English learning experiences for children and teenagers

The English courses are designed to help students learn and thrive

IBI eKids

(Online English for children)

(Online English for teens)

IBI outdoor learning

(Outdoor learning program)

What makes us different?

1. The flipped learning approach completely replaces classroom training.

IBI School is the great merger of innovative pedagogy and advanced technology to create a flipped learning model that brings new possibilities for teachers, parents to engage with and motivate students.

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2. Innovation and soft skills are nurtured.

Students at IBI School not only develop their English across all skills effectively but also trained with the soft and innovative skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

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3.The invaluable ability for students: self-learning is promoted!

Self-learning doesn’t come naturally to all children. The IBI Flipped Learning system was designed to help promote self-learning ability in each child.

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IBI School Was Recognized as One of the World’s Best Flipped Solution Platforms

IBI School has been recognized as a finalist, one of the best eLearning solutions in the world in 2023 in the category of eLearning, Blended Learning or Flipped Solution by The EdTech Awards, the largest and most competitive award program in the field of education technology throughout the world.