IBI Flipped Learning

1. Story 

Since 2013, IBI Global has launched a platform to empower talents to learn through technology. IBI has innovated the blended e-Learning solution awarded top in the world to foster talents with Business English language and the right type of Innovation skills for their career development.

Inheriting our parent company’s world-class method, the team has continued its innovation by creating a subsidiary, IBI School to deliver the English online training program that transforms the way children and teenagers learn English based on the harmonious combination of IBI self-paced learningIBI live classroom training, and an integrated outdoor learning program.

The program is a great merger of innovative pedagogy and advanced technology to help children and teenagers develop their English across all skills without attending any classroom training. It’s called IBI Flipped Learning.

2. The IBI Flipped Classroom: The Learning Process

At your own pace.

Students have to learn interactive lessons with IBI self-paced learning – eClasses before the beginning of IBI Live classroom training – eConversations to collaborate with real teachers and peers for discussion, learning activities (educational games, quizzes, board games, jeopardy, etc.) and team competition.
This process helps students to study reading, listening, writing, and pronunciation skills while they can write down questions related to their eClasses lessons, then get feedback 24/7 from the teachers in their own space or at least be prepared to ask these questions in their eConversations.
eClasses is designed based on the innovative combination of workbook and repetition method, which is not only educative, but also find them fun for students to learn!

IBI authoring tool – eTeractive makes it easier to transfer the knowledge to students based on real world eLearning activities to actively engage learners with the lessons. In this way, students not only acquire the lessons fastest but also amusing to use.

Class (live virtual classroom)

Inquiry based learning: Teachers are typically the central focus of lessons, facilitated by IBI live classroom – eConversations. They respond to students’ questions directly and at the same time, give them guidance and feedback. Through this process, teachers have the ability to differentiate instruction to personalize learning, while students work on problems. 

Furthermore, eConversations is the environment that helps students to practice and use the knowledge they have learned from eClasses efficiently and effectively.
  • Collaboration: IBI’s Cloud-based Real Time Communication – eConversations allows students and teachers to interact LIVE on a personal and group level. Thanks to a wide range of powerful features and useful tools – interactive whiteboards, text chatting, and teacher-managed control options – our teachers are able to optimize our teaching method to dynamically lead the live class via group discussion, learning activities (educational games, quizzes, board games, jeopardy, etc.) and team competition. See eConversations features
  • Convenience: IBI’s LMS was built with a high level of automation and personalization that allows students to enroll, choose schedules, register, and take classes INDEPENDENTLY;
  • Customization: eConversations can be customized based on the requirements of your organization’s real-world challenges. It can help develop productive new networks among employees;
  • Class size: Small class size with a maximum 10 students per class. Based on careful research and observations by our experts, this is the ideal number to make the most of live online learning since it enables a stronger relationships among students as well as between teacher and students. Moreover, it promotes peer learning.
  • Combination: eConversations’ learning content is highly professionally designed in harmony with eClasses to maximize your learning experience.

Outdoor learning

Bring learning to life: By integrating excursion program to our curriculum, students are encouraged to apply what they have learnt into real life.

The IBI outdoor learning program (I-Innovation) offers a valuable experience for students to draw on several different aspects of learning through innovation projects; it enables students to respond to the diversities in the people they see and the different environments they are involved in. It is also essential for educators to guide their joy in being part of the world offered outside our doors.

The students are also encouraged to become confident and involved learners by further developing their dispositions for learning, such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination, and reflexivity.

Skill-based learning: By applying this method, students in the IBI Flipped Learning program not only develop their English across all skills effectively but also train them with innovation skills, such as communication skill, problem solving skill, design thinking, and creativity.

3. IBI Flipped Learning Approach


4. Awards: IBI School has been recognized as a finalist, one of the best eLearning solutions in the world in 2023 in the category of eLearning, Blended Learning or Flipped Solution by The EdTech Awards, the largest and most competitive award program in the field of education technology throughout the world.